UPDATE: 500k VPPs in ~16.5 days Graph

Wow 500,000 VPPs!! My volume is almost where I want it be, the big days are feeling easier and the hours are going by faster. It’s hard work grinding for 10+ hours most days but I’ve been experimenting with my sleep schedule lately, which has helped (and sometimes hindered) in increasing the number of hours I am awake each day. I will post about this another time, but for now here is my Sharkscope graph for the year so far:

MouldyOnions 500k VPPs

01/01/2013-17/01/2013 MouldyOnions 16,384 Games $1.48 Av Profit $180 Av Buyin 1% ROI $24,243 Profit

And with rakeback included (using 6million VPPs = 70%)

01/01/2013-17/01/2013 RB:70% MouldyOnions 16,384 Games $5.47 Av Profit $180 Av Buyin 3.3% ROI $89,653 Profit

Race to Supernova – Results!

That was a fun grind! Alas, first to Supernova wasn’t meant to be. I stopped with around 6k to go, as despite being in the lead from the start I ran into some problems and by the time I fixed them the deficit was insurmountable.

I use my own table opener for registering games and controlling the number of open tables, unfortunately with around 4 hours to go it started to break. I had a good lead and tried everything I could to fix the issue, without knowing exactly why it was happening.

Eventually I discovered that due to the size of the sessions played the Poksters.log.0 file had reached mammoth proportions (circa 400mb). The table opener struggled to handle all that information, which resulted in me missing games as it uses the log file extensively with regards to opening games.

I think near the end it was only registering me for roughly 50% of 200s that popped. It’s pretty stressful knowing how close it was and seeing games start without me as my software lags behind. A few hours ago I thought Supernova was a lock, but software faults can happen to anyone and ultimately lost me the lead, hence I gave up. That being said, huge props to Awice, he did really well – to keep going all day while behind and power thorough to win must be awesome.

Luckily this is just the first lap of a many lap race and while holding the lap record would have been nice I am ultimately most focused on winning the overall race and doing it in the fastest time possible. It’s going to be a exciting year and thanks to everyone supporting me on Twoplustwo, Facebook and Twitter. I won’t let you down!

Pokerstars race to Supernova & Supernova Elite 2013

I’ve received a lot of questions from people asking if I plan on going for one of the most prestigious titles in poker…the fastest to Supernova Elite. I’m officially stating for the record that I am fully intending to break the current record and take over the crown of not only the fastest ever Supernova Elite but also the fastest Supernova.

Obviously my build up hasn’t been ideal in preparation for one of the biggest and hardest grinds of my life, but none-the-less I will be at my computer at 5am UK time ready to begin what can only be described as an epic 24-36 hour marathon session.

Fortunately for me January 1st is a Tuesday and as people who follow me on my Twitter know I love Tuesdays! The $357 buy-in Hyper-Turbo Satellites to the $1k Super Tuesdays multi-table tournament run a lot on a Tuesday and this means one thing….VPPs! Hopefully everyone can shake off their hangovers from New Years Eve and join me at the tables to help the cause.

For those of you that don’t know here is what you stand to gain from reaching first to Supernova and Supernova Elite respectively:

I like the prizes but I think the title of first to Supernova Elite is the most important part!

I like the prizes but I think the title of first to Supernova Elite is the most important part!

Grind Time! Taking it easy to 2million…

I’m getting close to 2,000,000 VPPs for 2012 now, just ~60k to go. It’s been a little closer than I would have liked, but due to moving into my new house and a little illness I’m being pushed right to the wire.

The games are pretty good right now. Many other regulars have stopped playing for the year after hitting milestones (not very efficient?!) and the festive season brings more recreational players.

I plan on not sleeping much and grinding a lot of Hyper-Turbos from $60s through to the $200s to finish this grind. On Monday there might be some $357 satellites running which would be helpful (everyone come play with me!!).

There will be a nice post up shortly with my plans for next year, specifically for January as something very exciting is happening….

15 tables going now, better focus!

NEW LOOK: MouldyOnions.com

What do you think of the new look? It’s a goal of mine to start posting some quality content on MouldyOnions.com over the next 12 months and in order to do this I needed a professional place to write. 2013 is going to be the biggest year of my life, in more ways than one… However I’ll save the details for another day, another post.

Luckily this wonderful Gold Sharkscope Star eases the table loses.

Luckily this wonderful Gold Sharkscope Star eases the table loses.

The 2012 grind has been a real roller-coaster; high buyins and high variance! I’ve played roughly 95,000 SNGs so far this year in my pursuit of 2,000,000 VPPs, with buyins ranging from the $30 6max Hyper-Turbos right up to the $357 Hyper-Turbo Satellites. There’s still a long way to go and I feel like my game is the best it’s ever been, hopefully I can push on and ride a nice ‘heater’ into the New Year…

Currently I’m playing the $200 6max Hyper-Turbos, while¬† mixing in the bigger satellites that run on Mondays and Tuesdays. I need 248,000 VPPs between now and the end of the year, hopefully this will be less than 100 hours of play but it’s going to be a close sweat to hit 2million VPPs! I am posting daily updates to my Twitter account and will be updating the website as often as possible, buckle up, it’s going to be a rough ride!

Welcome to MouldyOnions.com!

AHM7XH Playing Cards

This is the poker blog for Pokerstars Sit & Go grinder MouldyOnions aka Ryan Bell. MouldyOnions can be found mass-tabling the $30 Hyper-Turbo Single Table Tournaments (STTs) on his quest for SupernovaElite in 2012. MouldyOnions.com will be home to Ryan’s personal SupernovaElite Chase blog primarily but will also feature high quality and thought-provoking poker strategy, lifestyle and new posts.